Richter Holmes is an antagonist in The Outbreak Story before his changing of sides and subsequent heroic sacrifice. The father of Alexia Birmingham, he blames himself for the death of her mother, a feeling The Heretics use to their advantage, as well as what drives him to collect the three lost artifacts to bring her back. This puts him in direct conflict with Noah, James and Marie until his changing of sides.

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Richter is a man haunted by things from the past. He blames himself for the death of Simone Birmingham, his wife, who was turned into a Wraith shortly after Alexia, their daughter, was born. He was forced to kill what remained of Simone as she had gone into Alexia's nursery to infect and turn her. This left Richter a shell of his former self, a traumatized man burdened by guilt and various substance abuse problems. His guilt slowly slipped into a single-minded obsession with redemption. An avid reader of literature, he, at some point in time, found out about the three lost artifacts from old books and tomes. As he believes the three artifacts can bring his deceased wife back as a human again, he started his hunt for them. His desire to set right what went wrong led to him being manipulated by The Heretics, an anti-SPDF faction, setting in stone his hatred for the organization as he believes Alexia and other natural-born mages like her are, to them, labrats at best and he believes the faction to be a den of extremists and glorified sociopathic killers. After his judgment is proven wrong, however, he switches sides to Team 16 and, soon after, sacrifices himself to stop Nagisa by taking the corruption in him. Before he dies, he admits to Alexia that he killed her mother, tells her why, then wishes her and Shelby Rose a fruitful future together and tells Noah to keep them safe, as he himself has lost the will to live with the guilt in him. Just like his daughter, he is able of strong devotion to the woman of his life and his tendency to sink into nihilistic despair if said woman is dead (or so believed) is one he also shares with his daughter.

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